An excuse is a noose; You gotta take responsibility to cut it loose
— Reuben X

Hip-Hop artist Reuben X was born in Illinois, raised in Tulsa, OK, but moved to Cincinnati, OH at the age of 17 – and currently resides in Chicago, IL. He became enthralled with music at a very young age. His mother raised himself and his siblings in the church and was very active in the choir; which helped spur his passion to make music.

Reuben was always an athlete growing up and had a lot of god-gifted talents, so that was a passion of his as well. Once he hit college, he became a pretty good athlete and used to split time between sports and music – since He loved both so much. After graduation, he was picked up by the Cincinnati Bengals for their rookie mini-camp where He did fairly well. After suffering an injury Reuben decided to focus all his efforts towards music, which he allows all these experiences to be translated into every song.


To date Reuben has released 3 separate projects; "Enemies and Exes", "Reuben X Got Next", and "The Reuben X Files". He plans to release plenty more in the future. Drive, heart, and a down to earth – relatable – aura is what Reuben X delivers in his music. He has a polished stage presence and a determination that will surely see him reach all his goals. Reuben is an artist to keep your eyes on!

Photography: Mr. Sir Charles